Taking Your Adventures to the Open Road!

May 30, 2018





While most people tend to head away on a plane when they decide to travel, you should always bear in mind that this isn’t the only option that you have. Sometimes engaging with alternative travel can prove a whole lot more rewarding, as you gain a completely different experience of the places that you visit. Road trips are just one example of this. Instead of flying over places when getting from one destination to another, you can drive through them, experiencing them more fully and making some brilliant memories along the way. So, if this sounds good to you, it’s time to start planning!


Finding the Right Vehicle


So many people head to the country where they intend to have a road trip without organising any means of transport. This is absolutely bizarre considering their entire road trip is entirely dependent on a reliable means of transportation. But for some reason, people get the idea in their head that they will roll up to the first dealership they come across and pick up a great car at a low price easy peasy. Instead, you should be a lot more responsible and have a vehicle ready and waiting. We’d recommend investing in a new motorhome from a luxury rv dealership. First things first, by purchasing a new vehicle, you gain the guarantee that it will be in a good condition. This means that instead of spending hours broken down at the roadside, you can get on with your trip and make some beautiful memories! Second, you cut your accommodation costs drastically, as your vehicle will also be the roof over your head, rather than you having to fork for hotel rooms at every stop.


Going Solo vs. Travelling With a Companion


A big question that often gets asked when discussing road trips is whether to go it alone or travel with a companion. Now, solo travel can be confidence boosting and a seriously eye-opening experience. You learn to be comfortable in your own company, boost your independence, and do everything that you want to do with no compromises. But nine times out of ten, you’re going to have a much better time travelling with another person. There are various reasons for this. While travelling by plane alone may be simple, going on a road trip alone gives you a whole lot of responsibility and hard work. When you travel with a partner, you can share driving responsibilities, breaking up long parts of the journey. You get to share your experiences with someone and can take some great photos of each other in the stunning locations you pass by. So, start looking for a travel partner. Make sure you choose someone who you are extremely compatible with, as you’re going to find yourself in one another’s space all day every day for the duration of your trip.


These are just two aspects of any road trip - your vehicle and your company. But both things can have a serious impact on your trip. Organisation and planning can ensure that this is a wholly positive impact rather than a negative one!


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April 15, 2019

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