Small Bedroom Decorating 101

May 30, 2018



When you only have a limited amount of space to work with in a small bedroom, it is very easy for it to appear cramped. However, with a few simple decorating tips, you can really make the most of the space that you have available. In this article, we will aim to point you in the right direction with a host of small bedroom decorating tips and tricks that you will hopefully find to be useful. So, let’s dive right in!


Keep the Room Light and Bright

Making sure that your room is both light and bright is highly important when you only have a small bedroom space. So, move anything out of the way which is blocking the window and try using light and simple window treatments which maximise the amount of natural light which can enter the room. As for the colour scheme; whites, beiges and other pale colours all work nicely. If you are worried about the space looking too sterile, you could always layer on some darker or patterned fabrics, blankets or cushions to make things a little more interesting.


Position Your Bed Wisely

Since you only have a limited amount of space to work with in your bedroom, it is important that you position the bed wisely as this is what is going to be taking up the most space. If you are looking for a new sleeping arrangement, check out bamboo mattress options online. It gives you a major helping hand to push the bed into a corner as this will help you in maximizing the floor space. Don’t bother with a bulky bed frame as this is only going to end up taking up more space than necessary.


Embrace Minimalism

There is nothing that looks worse in a small bedroom than clutter everywhere. So, embrace minimalism by moving everything out of the space that doesn’t have to be there and make sure that you have adequate storage for the rest of it. Built-in storage systems around and under the bed help you out a great deal when it comes to storing things. Vertical storage can also help to make a big difference when it comes to saving space.


Use Mirrors


One of the great design tricks to make a room seem bigger than it is in actuality is by putting up some mirrors. Choose a big one which takes up a lot of space on the wall facing the door and you will immediately get the illusion of space from the moment you step into the room.


Just because you have a small bedroom, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get the most out of it. These are just a few of the ways that you can best maximize the space available to you. Though none of them are revolutionary, added together, they can really end up making a big difference, so why not experiment with them in your bedroom environment?


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