Keeping Your Cool: Creating A Relaxed And Light Interior At Home

May 24, 2018

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Whether it’s the scorching heat of the summer months or the weather outside isn’t looking too good; keeping your interior space feeling cool and fresh will ensure you’re living in a calm and serene environment where you can find peace. Obviously there’ll be a little bit of chaos and noise involved, especially if you’ve got kids, but surely it’s worth having somewhere to relax when they’re (finally) asleep, right? The good news is that there are multiple things you can do to refresh your house, and improve what could feel like a crammed and dark environment into a fresh and light space. The following are some tips and ideas to help ensure that you’re keeping your cool in your abode.


Improve The Airflow


Curtains can be a decorative addition to windows; however, depending on the fabric; can look busy and heavy, and also retain any heat from being lost. By changing your curtain fabric to a light, sheer material; you can still have a decorative feature surrounding the window frame, and they will allow air to circulate more easily around the space. You could go one better and replace your curtains with blinds. Having Venetian or roller blinds will allow you open up the whole of your window area completely each day. Allowing the extra light and air into the environment will ensure it remains cool and fresh at all times.


Sometimes, the weather can reach a point where no matter how much you open your windows and doors, you basically feel like you’re living inside an oven. So to stop yourself from baking inside your own home, consider calling in the experts, and kitting your home out with some air conditioning. Perhaps you already have it, but it’s been broken for a while; now is the time to be using the search term air conditioning repair near me and ensuring that the whole family will remain comfy and cool throughout any potential heatwave (here’s hoping).


 Image via Interior Design



A Fresh Coat Of Paint


Deep and dark hues can be a beautiful addition to the walls of your home; however, they can create feelings of warmth as they tend to draw a room inwards. In order to maintain a refreshing feel to a space, consider painting the walls a light, neutral tone. Crisp white paint is a classic choice and will stand the test of time when it come to interior trends; it will allow you to switch up any accent colors within the room with ease, while keeping the ambiance lifted and light. There are plenty of options regarding paint that you’ll be able to wipe and clean with ease; any busy household will suffer from sticky fingers, a box full of crayons, and little one’s “creativity” now and again. Therefore, if you’re going light; make sure you can keep it that way most of the time.


If you’re not keen on a plain white wall space; neutral hues, like taupe and pastel-yellow, are both contemporary choices that will last the years to come. The colors and patterns you choose to paint or wallpaper your living areas, should feel serene, so that you’ll feel breezy when surrounded by them. Then, it’s time to put your feet up and enjoy the calm (no, really).




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