Pretty Jewels To Include In Your Jewelry Choices

May 20, 2018

 If you are anything like me, I’m sure that you usually stick to one style or color of gem in the jewelry that you wear. While there is nothing wrong with that at all, it’s always good to remember that variety is the spice of life, and mixing things up every now and then could help you really freshen up your outfits and looks. Jewelry is a very easy aspect of your outfit to change up every now and then as there are so many different types of gems and jewels that you might want to wear on your rings, earrings, and necklaces.


Ready to try something a little different with your jewelry? How about buying a piece that includes one of the following pretty stones.




You will have no doubt have seen a lot of rubies in various items of jewelry as they are one of the most popular gemstones out there. They are bright red and very difficult to miss! When you are buying rubies or jewelry that contains a lot of rubies, it’s a good idea to go with pieces from Burma, Sri Lanka, or Thailand as these are the countries that produce the best quality rubies. When it comes to wearing these gems, they look fantastic in earrings and necklaces. They will certainly add some showstopping glam to your outfit!




If you aren’t too sure where to go for your diamond jewelry, this expert James Allen review might give you some very useful pointers. It’s important that you do buy from the experts, though, as there are a lot of people out there who are trying to sell poor-quality diamonds for very high prices! Once you are happy you have found the ideal seller, you should look for diamond necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. In fact, diamonds look fab on any piece of jewelry! Just remember that you should save the diamond rings for when you are engaged!




Opals come in a variety of colors and make fabulous rings. Even though this gemstone tends to fall in and out of fashion more so than some of the others in this list, they are still worth buying as you can be sure that they will be back on the pages of Vogue before too long! Generally speaking, the brighter the opal, the more you will pay for it, regardless of its size.




Pearls are now seen as a very vintage gem, as pearl necklaces and earrings were very back in the forties and fifties. In fact, if you watch some classic movies from the golden age of Hollywood, I’m sure you will spot plenty of pearls on the leading ladies! Most pears come from inside oysters, but there are some out there known as “cultured pearls” that have been manmade. These are often a lot cheaper than natural ones, but look just as good. In fact, sometimes the experts can’t even tell the difference!


So, which gemstones do you think you will try in your jewelry?


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