How Hygienic Is Your Home Really?

May 14, 2018



Even the title of this article can be something that is cause for a sense of defense. Of course you are in no way an unhygienic person. It’s likely you keep your personal space organized as well as you can. It’s likely you clean every week, maybe even deeply cleaning four times a year. You may even hire a specialist to do this, or someone to fumigate your carpets often. You might even be super militant about using coasters so the despicable mug ring from hell will never disgrace one of your coffee tables.


However, unfortunately, you can still be open to some damaging unhygienic areas of your household. It might be some practices you keep contribute to your health in negative ways. It might be that a certain pet or child is betraying you in this regard and might need moving or teaching better habits. We’d recommend considering the following in the pursuit of ever cleaner and more wonderful households:




Crawlspaces are the most notorious for a lack of hygeine because they are the most difficult places to get to. This might be under your house or in the attic, or even a small dividing ventilation area between rooms. It’s important to inspect these places often and try to remedy any issues you find, as they can serve as wonderful homes for a growing pest population. Not only this, but often mold and damp can grow in these areas, as hot moisture can often become trapped here. Furthermore, dust mites are part of every household, and where better for them to live than in a place less cleaned and disinfected? Consider your crawlspaces, and clean them thoroughly.




Bacteria can grow anywhere, but sometimes in places that we forget to clean too often. For example, it might be that you clean your cat litter tray deeply every day, but the wall right next to that corner area could be swimming in bacteria from exposure to that tray. It’s not often we consider disinfecting our walls, so this could be something easy to miss. There are many of these kinds of areas that deserve our attention. They could be door handles, keyboards, the underside of televisions and of course, our couch cushions. Consider the smallest places you might find unhappy bacteria, and when you can be sure to disinfect them with a suitable form of cleaning product.


Food Hygiene


Not many people consider the term ‘food hygiene’ until they get salmonella from a restaurant. However, you’re just as likely to poison yourself at home if you’re not careful. This means you need to continually clean your refrigerator, never stack raw meat near any other form of food (especially not cooked meat,) and never wash chicken under tap water, as this can spread bacteria around as if with a hosepipe. Food hygiene is important for anyone to understand, so we’d highly recommend researching the basics online and cleaning your kitchen/food stores religiously as often as you can.


With these tips, you’re sure to experience a much cleaner, more comfortable home.



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