5 Ways To Uncover The Glitz & Glamor Of LA During Your Stay

May 14, 2018



When you plan a trip, it’s always good to know that you’re going to get the most out of it. And everyone always has different requirements for what they want when they travel. Now, this may not be the same for each person, but it’s safe to say that many people that plan a trip to Los Angeles will want to experience all of the glitz and glamor this gorgeous city has to offer. And we all know that there’s a lot. However, when you’re new to the town, you may not really know what there is for you to do. Yes, you know that there’s the Hollywood sign and all of the gorgeous attractions, but that’s only going to offer you one side of the city. So let’s walk through what options you have when it comes to staying in LA.


Stay At Chateau Marmont


First of all, you do need somewhere to stay. When you’re dying to take in the Luxury LA lifestyle, look no further than the glitzy Chateau Marmont. Found in West Hollywood, this infamous spot is where you want to be to feel like a star. It’s a huge hit on the celebrity circuit, so you’ll definitely be able to do some star spotting while you’re here too. Pick out the perfect accommodation option and get your stay right from the start.


See The Stars


Next, you’re going to want to make sure that you do get your touristy things covered off. Because you don’t want to have come all the way to LA and not spotted the best sights. For this, you’ll want to take in the Hollywood tours that offer a range of everything. From the iconic Mulholland Drive with many celebrity homes to the walk of fame, you’ll want to make sure that you see all of the best sights first.


Get Out On The Water


From here, you’ll then want to appreciate Los Angeles from the water. Because there are plenty of luxury yachts to rent so that you can enjoy a day out on the ocean. Whether you want to host a party or just have a few hours of peace, a luxury yacht is going to let you enjoy your surroundings in the epitome of glamor.


Dine In Style


And, of course, you’re definitely going to want to be sure that you’re dining in style when you’re in town too. From brunch at The Ivy and lunch at Nobu to drinks at the Skybar and dancing at 1 Oak, there are so many hotspots available in LA, that your itinerary should sport them all.


Pamper Yourself


Finally, when you’re in Los Angeles, you’ll definitely want to look and feel your best. So of course you need to book in for some pampering. There are plenty of LA hair salons that will meet your needs so that you can sport celeb-style locks during your stay. But there’s also stunning spas like the Hotel Bel Air Spa and beauty spots like Olive and June for you to get in a quick facial or mani/pedi for the full LA treatment.


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