Summer Fashion Trends To Dress Up Your Look

May 11, 2018


When the sun is shining in summer, it is a great time of year! It is a time that you may be going away on vacation, as well as having outdoor fun and generally being more active and energetic. It can also be the best time of year to wear some bright and bold outfits, especially if there is something that you would never normally wear. But what are the best accessories to be wearing in the summer? In many ways, less is more. But there are a few key ingredients that will make your outfits pop. Here are some trends and styles to be thinking about.


Tassel Earrings


If there is ever a time to wear statement earrings, then it is going to be during the summer months. Tassel earrings are really on trend at the moment, and are a great look with a maxi dress for an evening al fresco. Avoid a necklace, and go for some bold, statement, tassel earrings; the bigger, the better.


Round Cross Body Bag


For travels or just hitting the shops, it is all about a small cross-body bag, rather than a large shoulder bag. And the style that is pretty popular at the moment is a round cross-body bag. It will mean only bringing the essentials with you, and leave your hands free to get some Insta-worthy images. If you can find a straw version of the bag, much like these ones on Etsy,, then even better for a boho vibe.


Simple Rings


The clothes you’re wearing are going to be brighter and bolder, so there is no need to go too far out with your hands. Wearing too many rings in the heat can be uncomfortable, and even lead to your hands swelling up, making the rings even more uncomfortable to wear. And unless you’ve got a ring made from a proper metal, much like these ones,, then heat and sweating are likely to leave you with green marks where the rings have been. So keep things simple on your hands over summer.


Clog Sandals


An alternative to a summertime wedge sandal is the clog sandal. They come in varying heights, but are a more comfortable alternative than heels, but yet, they still have a modern and funky feel about them for everyday wear. So if you prefer to have a bit of height in summer rather than wearing flip-flops, then it is all about the clogs.


Sunglasses Aviator Style


A few years back it was the more oversized the better when it came to sunglasses. But now the aviator style is firmly back in business. They are classy, suit most face shapes, and even come in some more modern styles than just the classic ‘Top Gun’ look. Accentuated brow bars and colored or mirrored lenses are the ones to be looking out for this summer. They are the perfect accessory to give your outfit an instant update.

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