Make Every Outfit Excel: Ensuring Your Clothes Fit You Exactly As They Should

May 11, 2018




Clothes are so important, not only are they practical but they also help us to express ourselves. The way we present ourselves gives others an impression of us, plus we all want to look nice and feel comfortable in what we have on. But it’s not just the style, colour and designer we need to consider when we’re buying clothes- but the way that they fit too. Here are some of the ways you can ensure your clothes fit you well, and how to keep it that way!


Try Things On and Buy The Right Size

It’s so easy to get bogged down by sizes and labels, but it’s well documented at this point that clothing sizes vary massively between stores. For this reason, instead of being set on the fact that you’re a certain size and refuse to buy anything else- just use labels as a guide. Pick up two or three different sizes and try on each of these for each item you want to buy- choose the one that looks the best. There’s no point purchasing a piece of clothing that looks and feels a little too tight or doesn’t fit as well as it should just because of the sizing label. If it bothers you that much to buy a bigger size simply cut it out when you get home, no one needs to see it if it’s an issue! Regardless of your shape and size, you should be buying and wearing clothes that fit, they will look much more flattering and you’ll be far more comfortable too. Always try things on in the store, and make sure they’re comfortable. Avoid anything that feels tight anywhere, is too long or short or generally doesn’t sit right on your body.


Improve Your Body Shape

If you’re finding that you don’t feel as comfortable in your clothes as you once did, perhaps you could go on a health kick? Avoid silly crash diets as they don’t work and you’ll end up putting more weight back on, but use it as an opportunity to genuinely improve your body and health. Take up an exercise class or start going to the gym. Clean up your diet and not only will you shed excess pounds but you will reduce water retention- these things combined will give you a far more svelte figure with a less lumpy silhouette. If you’re already at your target weight but have areas of stubborn fat, looking into plastic surgery could be an option. From traditional liposuction to non invasive methods like fat freezing, they can help you to achieve the figure you deserve.




Wash Clothes At The Right Temperature

When you’ve purchased clothes that you love and fit your body well, the last thing you want is to damage them in the washing machine. Always read the washing instructions carefully, if an item says you can only dry clean or you cant tumble dry then keep this in mind- try and do it anyway and you could shrink or damage your item.

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