Long Haul? How To Look Effortlessly Stylish After A Flight

May 10, 2018

 Have you ever noticed that one person, who steps off the plane looking effortlessly stylish and fresh? Never mind the airport runway, they wouldn’t be misplaced on a catwalk runway! Even after a long haul flight there isn’t a wrinkle or crumple in sight and their hair still looks perfect. What’s their secret? Are they naturally blessed with perfect looks or have they had to work at it?



Most of us have good intentions of looking good after a flight, we even plan our outfit, however getting it “just right” is tricky. Many people only manage to achieve a dazed, tired, crumpled look with hair frizzing out at all angles and makeup smudges to boot!


It can be done though and hopefully this guide will give you some pointers, so that your first steps on the tarmac are glamorous and stylish.


To avoid the “red as a beetroot” look you need to avoid getting overheated and to avoid getting overheated, it’s important to dress for comfort. Your body will swell during the flight, so tight restrictive clothing will make you sweat. Choose loose fitting clothing made from natural fibers, but avoid 100% linen like the plague! Aeroplanes tend to be short on space and you will be sitting in a restricted amount of space for a long period of time. Wearing tight clothing can actually be quite dangerous, especially if you wear tight stockings or socks. Deep vein thrombosis can be a risk during long haul flights and wearing tight restrictive clothing can exacerbate the risk.



Traveling by plane involves walking fairly long distances. You spend a lot of time standing in queues and walking to your gate. It is therefore essential to wear comfortable shoes or ankle boots. Try to wear them at home prior to setting off on your travels, this will “break” your shoes in and you’re less likely to suffer from unsightly blisters, which is not a good look! There are many styles of footwear to choose from, try to buy leather as manmade materials have less give and stretch.


When you eventually get on the plane the air pressure in the cabin can cause your feet to swell. Kick off your shoes and carry a comfy pair of loose fitting cotton socks to wear whilst sitting. Avoid high heels and restrictive straps, slip on shoes and boots are best.



Choose an outfit that is loose fitting and non restricting. Ensure the outfit is made from natural fibers which will keep your body cool. Although linen is cool, it will get crumpled very easily. It would be better to choose a linen/cotton mix. Other good options would be silk and cotton. Look for simple styles that don’t require much ironing. Keep waist bands loose, drawstring or elasticated.


Consider wearing clothes in a light neutral colour, although there’s a risk it will look a little grubby, at least you won’t overheat. This is especially important if you are heading to warmer climes. Dark colours will absorb heat as soon as you step onto the tarmac making you feel hot and flustered.


The air conditioning on planes can be a little chilly. Consider wearing layers, especially if you’re traveling from somewhere cold. You can peel off layers or add them when needed. A light jacket or a cardigan would help to reduce chills.



The image we have described so far, doesn’t sound particularly stylish - loose fitting clothes, elasticated waists and comfy shoes may sound like something your granny would wear! However you now have a blank canvas to add a bit of style, especially if you’ve chosen neutral colours. You can really jazz up an outfit with a bright scarf, a piece of statement jewelry and a nice watch. If you don’t want to wear the items whilst flying you can pop them on just before landing. Don’t forget the obligatory super cool pair of shades, as they hide a multitude of flaws such as tired eyes and dark circles. Add a bright lipstick and you're ready to go!



Avoid wearing too much makeup, as it will wear off during the flight. Too much makeup won’t allow your skin to breathe and you’re likely to feel hot and sticky. Opt for a natural look, with a tinted moisturizer, lip gloss and slick of mascara. Just before landing you could apply a brighter lipstick if you wish. If you are traveling long haul, take some makeup remover wipes so that you can take off your makeup and reapply before landing. Have an amazing vacation!



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