Do You Love The Home You're In?

May 9, 2018




The home you’re in won’t be the home you’re going to stay in for the rest of your life. Think of the home you’re in as a sort of stop gap. A home that is going to serve its purpose for as long as you need, and that need usually comes to an end when you find something better, or need something better! It doesn’t matter how long you’ve owned your home for, there will come a time when you start to ask yourself if you actually do love the home that your in. The answer to this might be no for many different reasons, and if you aren’t quite ready to move out and find a new home, then you’re going to need to find some solutions that will help you fall in love with your home all over again. Luckily for you, we’re here to help. We’ve got some solutions for you that should help you fall in love with your home all over again, afterall, you are spending a hell of a lot of time there! Have a read on to find out more.



Do You Need A Switch Up?


Sometimes this is all that is needed to create a completely new vibe within the home. A little interior switch up can take your home from boring to glamourous in minutes, and you definitely won’t have to spend as much money as you will for the other suggestions that we’ve got for you. But what you will need is vision. If you’re bored of looking at the same things all the time, then everything is going to have to be different. From the carpet to the walls, to the accessories you’re putting in them, it all has to change a little bit. Let’s just focus on one room for the meantime, the room you’re probably going to spend most of your time in, the bedroom. The bedroom is often last to get redecorated, meaning that years can pass by with the same design being looked at. The result of which is just boredom, and you can actually get bedroom jealousy of rooms you might be seeing on social media. But social media is one of the best places to go if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration. It’s full of exciting new designs, especially for bedrooms. Now, whilst you won’t be able to match identically, you will be able to take little ideas from each room to see what you like. A lot of the rooms you’ll see are too big for you to try and copy them identically. So, what we recommend you take away from the rooms you see is the colour schemes. Dark, but not too dark seems to be the vibe that everyone is liking at the minute. Grey's, light greys, whites, and browns seem to be all the rage. Throw a lot of fluff and fur in there and it seems to be the perfect room. You might like the idea of light grey walls, with one feature wall perhaps just being a darker shade of grey. Then for the bedframe, a nice dark oak colour, low to the ground, with grey bedding and plenty of fluffy cushions. Light grey carpet with a white fluffy rug, and white hanging drapes for the curtain will finish the room off. You can furnish the rest of the room with colours of the three we’ve mentioned, just be careful not to mix match too much.


Make Use Of The Garden


People always seem to ignore the garden, when it is in fact one of the best areas of the house that you could possibly make use of. There’s just so much character that can be brought to the garden through the use of plants and colours, and accessories. So, first you need to master maintenance, something a lot of people seem to be failing to do. Simply staying on top of the lawn mowing and making sure the grass is cut fresh every two weeks can massively help things. Then you need to think about the decor in terms of the plants that you’re going to put in as well. A mix of vibrant colours such as blues and yellows, against some nice crisp white colours is going to be the best mix. Here’s a guide on some colourful flowers and which ones might be best for your garden. You can then think about little garden accessories that you might like to add in. We’re thinking a cute little pond filled with some fishies, and even a waterfall feature going into it. Yes, it might be slightly expensive to install, but they’re really nice to look at and help to add a bit of character to your garden.


Do You Need To Move?


Sometimes moving isn’t an option for some people. The costs involved just outweigh the costs involved in staying put and putting up with the fact that you might not be the happiest in your home. However, for others, moving is on the cards. Moving is often a time of both excitement and nerves. The nerves generally stem from the money situation. A lot of people take out a home loan to make sure they can afford the cost of their new home, if the cost of selling their old home doesn’t cover it. Taking out a loan shouldn’t be anything to worry about as long as you’re taking out a sensible loan. Taking out a huge loan to buy a house that is far bigger than you need is just a silly mistake. To make the whole moving process as simple and as easy as possible, you need to think about planning well in advance, and that includes with savings. Moving home might mean that you’ve got to buy new things such as sofas, appliances, carpets etc. The more you have saved, the more you have to fall back on. You also need to make sure the home you’re going to move into has absolutely everything that your old home is missing. If it’s a better location you want, don’t stop hunting until you get the perfect place for you. If it’s just an extra room or two that you need, then a new home is going to be really easy to find, or you could think about the option we’re about to talk about below.


Expansion Is Key!


Expansion is definitely key if the only thing your current home is missing is an extra bedroom or bathroom. Expansion is much cheaper than the whole ordeal of moving home, but it can get a little complicated. It will definitely disrupt normal daily life, so it’s important to expand your home only when you have the time and means to do so. It’ll most likely take around two months to complete an expansion of a house, and that’s if everything goes to plan! When things go wrong, the expansion will take even longer, and that’s what people don’t tend to account for. If you’re expanding and it’s going to get in the way of normal house life, for example if you’re expanding from the back of the house near the kitchen, make sure you make plans to do things such as washing and cooking elsewhere. You might be able to ask family for help, or treat yourself to a cheeky meal out and takeaway every night. Expensive we know, but it’s better than having to struggle around a small building site just to make a bit of dinner!

So, if you’re not happy in the home you’re in, we hope that the few changes we’ve listed today will help you find a solution to some of your problems!

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