Home Hacks: How to Make Your Home Look Way Cleaner Than It Actually Is

May 8, 2018



It’s understandable that when you live a busy lifestyle, you may find it hard to try and stay on top of everything and you may also find it difficult to really find the time to get things done. The problem here is that you may feel as though you are constantly living in mess and this just isn’t a nice feeling. If you want to turn everything around, you can find some useful hints and tips below.


Do Everything Daily


If the dishwasher appears to be empty then get everyone to put their pots in there instead of in the sink. You’ll also want to take the bins out once a day or before you go to bed, as this will stop it from smelling the entire house out. If you have a pile of dirty laundry in the corner of the room then you may not think that you can do anything with this until you have the time to do the washing, but it is more than possible for you to make the whole house look way neater by just having a laundry basket. If you get the whole family involved with this as well, you can say goodbye to dirty laundry piles and a sink full of washing up.


Focus on Smells


It helps to have some kind of scented candles around the house. You may not want to keep this burning all the time, but you can easily light it when the doorbell rings. You can also have some plug-in air fresheners as well, as these can work wonders for your home. It’s little touches like this that can really make your home feel more welcoming and you’d be surprised at how easy it is for you to bring the whole thing back to life.


Pet Hair


If you have a dog then you’ll probably have a major and ongoing issue with pet hair. If you want to handle it quickly then visit the website of a carpet cleaner. They will be able to help you remove any stains and they can also bring your carpet back to its “like-new” look again. If you want to take care of pet hair at home then use a lint brush and some rubber gloves. This will help you to remove pet hair from any sofa or chair in the house instantly because the last thing that you need is for your guest to be sitting on a furry cushion.




Having a home full of clutter is never good and it can really contribute to how messy a house looks as well. If you want to get all of this sorted out then you can easily go through and remove any bits and pieces you have lying around. This could be any empty beer bottles, stale bottles of pop or even flowers that are way past their display-date. By getting rid of things around the house, you can easily boost the appeal and you can also make it look way tidier than it actually is as well.




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