First Impressions Count: A Checklist For The Exterior Of Your Home

April 28, 2018



They say you can never make a first impression twice; a saying that is all the more true when it comes to the exterior of your home. No matter how pleasant the interior of your house is, if the outside isn’t quite up to scratch, then that issue is going to be a tough one to recover from.


Whether you’re planning to sell your house or just want to be able to impress your guests and neighbors, ensuring that the front of your home looks as good as possible is essential. In an effort to help you do just that, read on for a checklist of everything you need to do to make the perfect first impression every time…


#1 - Remove all weeds


Even if you don’t have a garden at the front of your property, weeds might be an issue. Weeds will quite happily grow between concrete, between steps, or just spreading over from a neighbor’s less-than-well-maintained garden. If you do have a garden, then the threat of weeds is all the more concerning.


Ridding the front of your property of weeds is easier said than done, but it’s an essential if you’re concerned about good first impressions. It’s best to try non-chemical removal, such as burning, as a first step, but if all else fails, regular weedkiller treatment should take care of the problem.


#2 - Repaint the front of the property


The toll that pollution and weather can take on the external paint of your home cannot be underestimated. If it’s more than three years since the exterior of your house was painted, then bringing in the likes of WOW1DAY Painting will give your property a new lease of life in the shortest timescale possible.


It’s also worth considering what color might be best for the new paintwork. There’s a truly beautiful range of options that can give your home the wow factor, so it’s well worth exploring your options to see which color scheme can help make the best first impression.


#3 - Power washing


If you have a driveway, power washing is a great way to ensure that it looks great in the shortest possible time. You can buy a power washer for yourself if you think you’ll use it regularly, or outsource a one-off job to professionals if you would prefer.


While power washing can produce truly fantastic results, it is worth remembering that it’s a rough process, and you should only power wash resilient areas. For anything more delicate, a technique known as soft washing might be a better choice.


#4 - Create uniformity


The final item on your checklist is to step back and observe the front of your home from a distance. Is it uniform? Does it look like everything — ornaments, flowers, features — has been designed to work together? Uniformity is one of the key aspects of creating a great house front, so if an aspect of the overall look doesn’t quite seem to fit with everything else, removing and replacing it is likely to be the best choice.

With all of the above ticked off, you can be sure that the first impression your house gives is always going to be a good one.

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