Make Your Bathroom Look and Feel More Luxurious

April 26, 2018



There’s nothing like sinking into a hot bubble bath or taking a long soothing shower after a long hard day at work, especially when your bathroom is a luxurious haven away from it all. Sadly, for many people, that is far from the case, and their bathrooms are basic, functional and not at all decadent.


This is such a shame because we all deserve a really great bathroom space which we can retreat to when we need a break, The good news is that we can all make our bathrooms look and feel more luxurious, on pretty much any budget. Here are just a few ideas to transform your bathroom from basic to beautiful:


Get the Water Pressure and Heater Checked


One of the things that can make the biggest difference to your enjoyment of the bathroom, and which will truly make it feel more luxurious is having very hot water on demand, along with water pressure that really unknots those tense muscles. So, if you aren’t benefiting from either at the moment, it may be worth having an expert come in to access the situation and if necessary perform a pressure and water heater repair. If you do nothing else, do this because you will feel amazing once it’s been sorted.




Change the Lighting


Changing the lighting you have in your bathroom is one of the most affordable ways to make it feel a little more luxurious. Switch harsh light bulbs for softer, more diffused bar lighting, which sets the right mood, or if you want to be even more decadent, with a chandelier that works with a dimmer switch, so you can control the level of lighting to a greater degree.


Make it Monochrome


Bathrooms look way more luxurious when they are decorated in dramatic blacks and whites, and since most bathrooms have at least one of those colors present already, it means that you don’t need to spend as much time or money making changes. Accessorize the black and white scheme with reflective chrome for a truly Hollywood style bathroom that will blow everyone away.


Add a Whirlpool Aromatherapy Mat to the Bath


If you want to feel like a movie star when you’re having a bath, or you want to feel like you’re at the luxury spa, get yourself a Whirlpool Aromatherapy Mat, which not only turns your bath into an amazingly relaxing jacuzzi but which even dispenses decadent aromas too! It’s divine.



Bring the Outdoors In


The most relaxing bathrooms are invariably the ones that ring elements of nature inside. If you can afford it, installing bigger windows or a skylight is a great way of doing this, but even adding lots of tropical plants and flowers, pebbles or glass bottles filled with sand will up the relaxation stakes and make your bathroom look even more beautiful that it already is.


Add a Chaise Longue


If you have the space, adding a sophisticated chaise longue to the bathroom will elevate it to the next level and provide you with somewhere comfy to sit as you run your bubble bath or put on your makeup.


What are your best ideas for making the bathroom look and feel more luxurious?


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