4 Signs That You're Showering Too Much!

April 26, 2018



It goes without saying that no look is complete without impeccable hygiene. Let’s face it, your Jimmy Choo shoes, your Stella McCartney dress and your Simone Rocha bag will amount to little if you’re emitting a funk that can’t even be masked by your Givenchy perfume. Aside from a rigorous skin and hair care routine and making sure that we have a summer body that lasts for the whole year, the most important accessory a girl can have is a strict personal hygiene regimen. However, last year scientists discovered that many of us are actually showering too often. It turns out that our skin’s health is largely dependent on the growth of benign bacteria living on there and our incessant showering is actually having a detrimental effect on our skin (not to mention our household bills, and even the environment). While it may be a bitter pill to swallow (especially in the baking Californian heat) here are some signs that you may be showering just a little too much…


Your power and water bills are sky high


They say that you should shower instead of taking a bath in the interests of water conservation. While this is certainly true, a lot of us spend way too long in the shower for it to make a tangible difference to  the environment… Or our bills. Moreover, if you’re showering 3-4 times a day, you’re putting a lot of strain on your plumbing infrastructure meaning that a hot water heater repair may be imminent. If your utility bills are sky high month on month, this may be a sign that you’re showering too often.


You need to get your hair recolored every few months


Nothing beats the glossy exuberance of a newly colored hair do, but many of us are spending a small fortune on getting it colored every few months. At a cost of around $200-$300 a time, that’s a cost that really adds up throughout the year. This may be because the minerals in your water supply are, wash by wash, sapping your hair of your color’s luster. Cutting down on all those showers may be the key to richer and longer lasting color.


Your skin is dry, no matter how much you moisturize


We’ve been conditioned to believe that whenever our skin gets dry, we simply need to apply more product to it, but that’s ultimately fallacious. The top layer of your skin is comprised of hard, dead skin cells which may sound gross but it’s vital for protecting the vulnerable layers beneath. These dead cells are held together by fatty compounds called lipids which help your skin to retain moisture. With every aggressive body scrub under hot, mineral enriched water, this layer is damaged more and more. The more showers you take a day, the less time the skin has to repair itself and restore the essential balance of oils on the surface.


The same goes for your hair too!


Even if you’re not washing it every day (you shouldn’t be washing it more than twice a week, applying dry shampoo if things get a little greasy), exposure to hot water can leave your hair dry and damaged.


By all means keep yourself sanitary, but if you find that you experience the above symptoms, it may be time to cut down on the showers.


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