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April 21, 2018





 While investing in expensive creams and lotions might make you feel like you are doing the best for you skin, teeth and hair, that isn’t always the case. There are many things you can do to support your body’s natural healing and detoxing abilities. Taking care of your skin shouldn’t be something just for the weekend!


      Coconut Oil

      It has long been hailed as a cure-all, but what should you be using coconut oil for?

  • Gently warm coconut oil between your fingers and dab onto areas of your face that might be prone to wrinkles. It keeps the skin soft and supple, with no greasy residue.

  • Ultra-hydrating, use it to lock in moisture post-shower or bath. Be careful because it does get slippy, so place a towel or mat on the floor.

  • Lip Balm – fill a small empty lip balm tub with coconut oil solids and keep in a bag.

  • Deep Conditioner for hair. Warm in the palms of your hands and work through the ends and midshaft of hair. Try to avoid the roots as they tend to produce enough protective natural oils, adding more might make your roots a little greasy.  

There are a few more ways to use coconut oil in natural ways around the house and within your makeup. From fat burning properties to the ability to balance hormones – this is one little pot of goodness you can’t be without.


Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is something we tend to enjoy in cooking and cocktails; it has, however, a fabulous amount of uses.

•  Highlights for your hair. A squeeze of lemon juice in your conditioner will lighten your hair without the damage of a bleach treatment.

•  Swipe a cotton pad over a slice of lemon, and gently cleanse your face – avoiding eyes, and it helps reduce the oil levels on your skin, without any harmful chemicals.

•  Helps whiten teeth, while it is probably much more beneficial to invest in high quality dental work somewhere like, in the meantime you can use a lemon juice and baking soda mix to scrub and lighten teeth gently. Be careful with the length of time you leave this on for – one minute is more than enough.

•  Toughen up those nails, olive oil and lemon juice brighten your nails and make them stronger.


Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea can be used inside and out to get the most from it. A cup a day and topical use can give you some surprising results.

•  After brewing yourself a cup, save the tea bags. Put the tea bag in the fridge and once chilled, use on your under-eye area. Using the cold teabag will reduce any puffiness and brighten the area up.

•  Immunity Booster. Chamomile tea is a secret weapon against colds and illnesses. Not only that, it will then continue to fight harmful bacteria and boost your immune system.

•  Sleep aid. While many people turn to pharmaceutical solutions, a good cup of chamomile tea can relax your nerves, soothe your nervous system and get you off to a great night sleep.

•  When used topically chamomile tea can help heal small cuts and grazes, help treat eczema and reduce acne scarring. Natural remedies are more readily absorbed and utilised by the body, so next time you’re thinking about picking up a designer pot of cleanser, see if something natural could do the job better.



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