4 Ways To Give Your Home A Breezy Look And Feel

April 20, 2018




Living in California will change the way you feel about heat. As a Poland native, I used to yearn for the summer so that the temps would rise. Nowadays, the warmer months are still amazing, but they come with drawbacks. Suppose that’s what happens when you live in a glorified desert! Staying cool is a priority even in April, yet it shouldn’t come in between the house and style. Thankfully, looking and feeling breezy can be mutually exclusive with the right trend tips. Hopefully, the following will give you the inspiration you need to create an uber-cool home in every sense of the word.


Replace Appliances


Yes, the home is full of gadgets and gizmos that increase the temperature during the summer. Take the oven, or stove as it is also called, as an example. Cooking uses heat, which in turn transfers into the kitchen and the rest of the house. How are you supposed to stop this from happening? After all, no one wants to go hungry! The simple explanation is to switch appliances. Or, contemplate the question which stove fan should I buy? Fans help keep the heat from escaping as there’s no need to open the oven door. On the whole, try to keep appliance use to a minimum.


Think Of Vacation Time


There is nothing breezier than a beach. Sadly, the majority of us only get to visit one on vacation, and that is from where you should draw inspiration. Consider the shacks on the sand or the villas overlooking the ocean – what features did they have? Usually, the answer is something along the lines of plantation shutters or screens. Both allow air to pass through freely and are incredibly stylish, too. Of course, one can transform them with the right color choices. White, for instance, works perfectly in an airy, light space.


Open Up The Sides


Hot air is drawn towards the cooler stuff like a magnet. As a rule, this is great for keeping the temperatures low as it allows heat transference to occur. The problem with properties is the lack of entry points. Doors and windows are ubiquitous, but they aren’t always positioned properly. Windows, for example, are excellent when installed on the sides of the property, quite high up. As the heat rises, it will mix with the cooler air and regulate the temps. Plus, these windows are very effective at letting light in and immersing it in UV rays.


Go Outdoors


Sometimes, it’s impossible to stay indoors so you should abandon ship and hit up the garden. Outdoor living spaces are far breezier, plus they are wide open areas that are fun and beautiful. While you are outside, don’t be afraid to leave the doors to the property ajar to let in fresh air. What about thieves and burglars? Well, screens let homeowners open entry points without fear of being robbed. Get one with a mesh screen to stop bugs from ruining the good times.


Finally, now you have a release from the hot, muggy air!


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