Making Sure Your Home Matches Your Style

April 13, 2018



It’s a lady’s prerogative to look great and draw admiring glances from friends and strangers alike. One of the wonderful things about the world of fashion and beauty is the way that they allow us to redefine and reinvent ourselves. They allow us to accentuate the best in ourselves while drawing attention away from the areas that we consider less than flattering. They enable us to be the version of ourselves that we want to be, while giving us the freedom to change our looks with the seasons and have the confidence to feel as beautiful as we look. The beauty of it is that we never stop learning how to express ourselves through the way we look, and the process of self discovery through our hair and makeup, clothes and accessories is an exciting and liberating journey.


But what about our homes? Surely, they should be an aesthetic and atmospheric reflection of who we are, right? They should give our guests a sense of our own personal charm and idiosyncratic flair? Here are some ways in which you can give your home a sense of personality inside and out.



Dress your home from the inside out


The best homes give a sense of their owner’s personality before their guests even walk through the front door. You can use everything from the shape of your roof to the front yard to your advantage here. Your roofing options will allow you to create a look that suits your personality whether sleek and contemporary or traditional and conservative. If your tastes veer towards the classic, a few potted plants of flowers on either side of your door are a nice way to make a statement, or for those who prefer a contemporary aesthetic, solar powered garden lamps lighting a path to your door can make a real statement.



Wear your personality on your walls


Sure, furniture, flooring and even the scent of your rooms play a huge part in matching your living space to your personality, but don’t be afraid to wear your personality on your walls. A classy, framed print of your favorite movie poster, or a statement art piece can be a great way of saying “this is me” to your guests. Make sure that you use the natural and manmade light in your room to your advantage to accentuate it. Of course your walls themselves can play a huge part in giving your room personality. If, for example, you’re something of a girly girl but your retiring personality prohibits bold colors, even the subtlest hint of pink on your walls can really add a sense of you to the room.



Feng shui and your personality type

Most people have a passing familiarity with the art of Feng shui, but for the uninitiated, it is the art of selecting and arranging furniture in accordance with your personality. Check out this fun article on how to find your feng shui personality type, and see how it can influence the furniture you select for your living space and how you can arrange it optimally to give guests a sense of your tastes and character.

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