The Bedroom: The Most Important Room Of The House

April 10, 2018



If you don’t agree that the bedroom is the most important part of the house, then you really aren’t using your house right. It is the one room where you can feel total relaxation, and the one room that you should find hardest to leave when you wake up in the morning. But some people’s bedrooms just aren’t set out to be relaxing. As the saying goes, a messy desk is a messy mind, that’s exactly the same with the bedroom. If you come in from a horrible day at work to a disorganised bedroom, you’re only going to get stress out. So, to make sure you’re making the bedroom the most important room in the house, here’s what you can do.




The best way to organise your room is to get rid of absolutely everything that might have already been clogging it. The amount of space we actually waste in our bedrooms is really bad. There’s so much more we can do if we just know how to use it right. So, have a big clear out of everything that you might have been hoarding over the past few years. You should then create yourself a lot of room for new things, such as clothes etc. Giving yourself that little clear out will also clear your mind. It’s so stressful buying something new and not having a good place to put it. To help you organise a bit more you could make use of things such as shelving in the room, or if you have a wardrobe built into the wall, mini boxes within their to maximise the amount of storage space you have.


Comfort Improvements


The only way to improve your comfort is to focus on the bed. The mattress that you have plays a big part in how comfortable you are, and as the mattress ages so does its levels of comfort. Memory foam is probably one of the best if you’re looking to improve your comfort. The best memory foam mattress reviews – a detailed buying guide will show you the best type to get, and you can even do a little research into why they’re one of the best mattresses to get. Some people just hate them however, which is fine, everyone is different. If you know your body doesn’t conform to the ways of a memory foam mattress, there’s plenty of others that you can try.




If you want to revitalise your room, you’re going to have to redecorate. It doesn’t take long to do so, and all you need to do is fine some inspo. Sites such as Pinterest can really help with this. But one we’re really liking at the minute is the combination of the pastel colours and the oak furniture. Pastel colours such as baby pinks or blues look really lovely, and it’s so easy to fill the room with accessories that match. Oak furniture looks really clean as well, especially the light oak furniture. There’s plenty of wallpaper that has that baby blue pattern that you might be looking for, and you can get some really sweet bedding to match.


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April 15, 2019

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