5 Great Summer Road Trip Escapes

April 1, 2018




If Spring is inspiring you to get in shape for summer you’re probably feeling inspired to travel too.  If that’s the case then check out these five amazing summer road trip ideas.


The first step, of course, if you’re planning to go on a road trip is to consider what car to hit the road with. Driving a fancy convertible with the wind in your hair bolting along the freeway is the summer dream of many, whilst others prefer the image of driving an older classic, or at the complete other end of the spectrum, getting an RV and looking up generators reviews in order to ensure you and your family retain the comfort of home whilst out on the road.


Here are five great ideas for summer road trip inspiration:



If you’re looking to get away from it all you can follow the route through Southern Alberta to the lunar landscape of the badlands to where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains.  It’s a breathtakingly beautiful journey with a lot of variety in terms of scenery and activities en-route.


2. ROUTE 66

Perhaps the most famous “road trip” in the world, Route 66 will soon celebrate its 100th birthday, as one of the first numbered roads in the US.  Ending in California this trip from Chicago to Santa Monica covers 2,451 miles mostly through what could be the set of an old western movie.





The best time to take this drive is in summer as your trip will be soaked in sun with optimal daylight hours.  The route takes you along the Pacific coast. The route starts just not of San Diego and leads through Los Angeles (known for gridlock traffic jams) where you'll drive through Long Beach, Malibu, Santa Barbara (known for it’s great wines) Santa Cruz and Big Sur (known for its surfing) and San Francisco.  This route is a 745 mile journey that predominantly hugs the exceptional coastline.





The US 1 from Miami to Key West is an ocean focused 150 mile drive that takes in a variety of the keys (little islands) sandwiched between the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean.  The most amazing section of this drive is the Seven Mile Bridge. You can find out more about the Keys by visiting: http://www.visitflorida.com/en-us/cities/florida-keys.html



Starting out of Route 17 in Phoenix you can visit Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon, and cowboy landscapes on the Arizona/Utah border.  Then, progress to Route 191 to enter Winslow using Route 66. The top tip for this trip is to take a Jeep Safari along Diamond Creek Road, as this way you get to drive along the bottom of the Grand Canyon.



Now, if you’re looking for something further afield you might want to head to the WIld Atlantic Way which is the longest coastal route in the world, running 2,500km up the Western Coast of Ireland.  


There’s an incredible amount to see and do in such a short distance and each day offers spectacular views of emerald hills, azure seas, rustic beaches and a unique culture.


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