Giving Your Living Room the Luxury, Stylish Factor

March 29, 2018

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We’ve all had a moment when we’ve walked into a friends home and thought: “well wow, this is luxurious!” While it can be difficult - unless you have boatloads of cash, that is - to have a home that’s closer to a boutique hotel than a normal home, there’s plenty of scope to create a luxurious, stylish living room - and actually, doing so isn’t even that complicated. You just need to know a few of the tips and tricks that can take the room from ‘good’ to great.’ Below, we take a look at a few ways you can set your home apart from your peers, and make your living room an all-around enjoyable place to unwind.



Keep Things Simple


Luxury exists in the detail, but if you take a look at rooms with a quality feel, you may notice something else: they’re devoid of complication. It’s easy for a home to become cluttered, but if you consciously try to adopt a minimalist approach, then you’ll quickly on your way to having a living room that oozes style and comfort. Start with a clearout. Once you’re done, it’ll be a matter of adding a few details and switching out a few materials. Easy!


Accessories and Decoration


The basic layout and style of the room aren’t overly important when it comes to luxury. As we said above, quality lies in the details. As such, it’ll be the accessories and decoration that do most of the work. A piece of art (unique, not one found in a chain store), a stained glass lamp, and any souvenirs collected on your travels will add a touch of authentic, unique personality to your room. They’ll be a sophisticated, colorful addition, bringing with them plenty of style.


    Image source: Pinterest 



Natural Tech


Of course, your living room is also a place for you to unwind, and, as such, it’s likely that you’re going to have some technology - most likely a television - in the room. But remember that a TV - even a plush one - is going to detract from the overall style of the room, especially if all the furniture is pointed at it. The most effective way to do this is to put inside in a TV cabinet - you’ll be able to watch it whenever you need it, but hide it when it’s not in use. Another option is to switch from a TV to a projector, which will only have minimal impact - and even that will be on the ceiling.


A Mix of Materials


If you’re trying to up the sophistication in your living room, then get playing with a combination of different materials and textures. A wooden table, a cashmere throw, a glass candle holder will all complement each other, and look like your room has been given the custom treatment.


Add a Bookcase


Finally, consider including the staple of sophistication, the bookcase. There’s nothing quite as classy as having a few rows of hardback books lining the wall!


With the above tips, you’ll be living in luxury in no time.


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