Do The Walk Of Fame At Your Next Party With A Red Carpet Theme

March 27, 2018



Do you have a love for the runway? Do you walk the red carpet in your dreams? If yes, it might be worth sticking to a red carpet theme when your next party rolls around. Let’s be honest; the majority of us never get the chance to take to the floor for real. Sorry to break it to you, but this could be your only chance to do the walk of fame.

But, what does a red carpet party involve, and how can you make it work? In truth, all it takes is studying your favorite celebs and seeing how they work it. You might not get the paps, but you can still achieve that exuberant level of luxury by following these pointers.



The statement gown 

Everyone knows your dress is the most crucial part of a red carpet event. This is what we all talk about for weeks and months to come. Or, at least, we do with our favourite celebs. The fashion mags might not look at your choice, but your dress still matters for impressing your guests. To make sure you get this right, take some time to look at picks from the latest event. Take the Oscars this year, where Gal Gadot wowed the crowd with a glitter bomb of a dress by Givenchy. Sparkles are always a safe bet. Or, you could opt for something classic, like Saoirse Ronan’s pink and elegant Calvin Klein. You can find out more about which Oscar trends have left a lasting impression on sites like Nothing will be better for gown-style inspiration.



The right arrival

Before anyone sees your dress, they’re going to see your arrival. No celeb would turn up to the red carpet in an old bange, and neither should you. Instead, look into getting a limo, or a party bus like those found at You could invite your friends along to include this as part of the fun, or arrive solo with a luxurious limo to yourself. Either way, these entrances are sure to make a bang.


A large enough venue

There’s no getting around it; red carpet affairs are usually pretty opulent. They’re also a bit of a big deal. Few organizers would go to the effort of installing a red carpet if there weren’t a lot of people coming. Besides which, a packed room full of glamorous people is all part of the jazz. So, you want to look for a venue which is large enough to host your guests. You might even want to choose somewhere with extra capacity to accommodate plus ones and friends of friends. The more, the merrier.





The red carpet itself


Let’s not forget the most important thing of all; your red carpet itself. By heading to sites like, you can stock up on the same red carpet your beloved celebs use. Well, not the same one, but you get the idea. You’ll undoubtedly feel like a celeb when you walk down one of these babies.


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