Having Pets Won't Stop Your Home Being Stylish

March 22, 2018

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Pets can be loyal companions and a comforting presence in your home. They can also be messy, though, and keeping your home tidy when they're around can be tricky. You might want to keep your home looking stylish, but if you have any furry friends, they probably have other ideas. They might not be able to help it, but they can leave hair, mud and other messes around your home. That doesn't mean you have to completely surrender your home to your pets though. You can still maintain control if you know how to avoid some of the problems pets can cause.




Choose Easily Cleanable Decor

If you want your home to be stylish but also pet-friendly, one of the best things to do is to choose furniture and decor that you can clean easily. "Easy to clean" doesn't exactly sound like it would give you a choice of chic and sexy furniture, but it definitely doesn't need to make your home look clinical or boring. For example, choosing hard furniture made of wood, bamboo and other materials instead of upholstered furniture that will attract dirt and pet hair is a good idea. You can avoid things like too much glass, which will easily be smudged if you have a cat walking around. If you can wipe it or remove a cover to wash it more easily, it's a good choice.


Establish a Cleaning Routine


Staying on top of the cleaning when you have pets is important. If you start to let things go, all the problems your pets might cause can easily build up. Your dog might leave fur everywhere, or your cat might trail litter all around the house. Cleaning things up as soon as you can, and keeping your pet clean too, will help to prevent problems getting too bad. You can draw up a cleaning routine that you can follow to keep everything clean and tidy, or perhaps just hire someone to do it for you.


Look for Stylish Pet Accessories


Pet furniture and accessories aren't always the most stylish items. From dog beds to cat scratchers, they can look a little childish or just dull. If you're trying to maintain a high-end, stylish home, they're likely to look out of place. Luckily, there are options if you want to find something more attractive. There are plenty of companies that make luxury pet accessories that can look right at home among your other furniture. You can find different styles that suit your tastes and meet your pet's needs at the same time.


Get the Best Vacuum Cleaner


Pet hair is one of the biggest problems you have to contend with when you're trying to keep your home clean. Even if your pet doesn't shed a lot of hair, you still need to be able to deal with anything else they leave around your home. Having the right vacuum cleaner to clean up after your pet is one of the best ways to ensure you're cleaning everything thoroughly. You can buy vacuum cleaners that are designed just for dealing with pet hair, which are often extra powerful, have good filters and come with a range of useful accessories.

Prevent Pests Coming Into Your Home


Prevent Pests Coming Into Your Home


One of the less pleasant parts of owning a pet is that they can potentially bring pests and parasites into your home. Dogs, cats and other pets can pick up things like worms, ticks and fleas, which can affect their health and potentially yours, as well as sometimes cause an infestation in your home. Visit the site for Advecta to see the kinds of products available to you for stopping these pests. You can prevent fleas, ticks, spiders and mosquitoes in your home, as well as treating your pets, so they don't pick them up. Prevention is the best route to take, although you can also find some good treatments for getting rid of an infestation.


Stop Mud at the Door


Mud can be an issue too, with dogs especially and with cats who go outdoors. If you don't want it trailed around your house, you need to stop it as soon as possible. When you get in from a dog walk, or let your dog in from the yard, make sure you have all the things you need to clean them off. Create a cleaning station by the door with things like a towel that are ready to use at any time. You can train your dog to help you out too, by lifting up their paws, for example. Cats are a little harder to control, but you can still put mats by thresholds to help them wipe their feet.


Keep Pets Off Human Furniture


As much as it's tempting to have a cuddle with your pet on the sofa or bed, keeping them off helps you keep your home cleaner and more hygienic. If you can't resist letting them on the sofa or giving them their own armchair, at least consider keeping them off your bed. If your pet sleeps in your bed, their hair, skin cells, bacteria and any dirt they happen to be carrying around ends up in your bed too. While you can change your bedding regularly, it can still leave you sleeping among some unpleasant things.


Groom Your Pets


Another way to keep your home looking good is to treat your pets to a grooming session. Brush them regularly to keep the fur floating around your home to a minimum. You might also take them to get their coats clipped, both for cleanliness and for their comfort. Clipping nails is also a good idea if you want to preserve your floors. However, remember to give cats some approved places to scratch so that they can flex their claws and relieve that itch. If you want to stop them scratching places they shouldn't, you can use a combination of positive reinforcement to get them to use scratching items and deterrents to steer them away from the things you don't want them to scratch.


You don't have to let your pets take over your home. You can keep it looking good by being proactive.


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