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March 16, 2018



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Property flipping is just so fun to get into. It gives people with an eye for interior design, and what a house should look like in general, a canvas to display their ideas on. It is such a great way of making money, and there’s a few routes you can go down to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. But to take property flipping to another level, you need to think luxury. The more luxurious a home is, the more money you’re most likely going to be able to make from it. This is where a good eye for detail is going to come in. So, to make sure you do it right, we’ve got a complete guide to property flipping.

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The Boring Bit

First you need to know what to do to make money from property flipping. The best way of doing this is going through an auction. There’s houses coming through on a daily basis that others would see as trash, but that’s where you need to let your vision shine through in the renovation and decor phase. Always try and get the best bid as most of your money is going to be spent actually flipping the property. Once done, you can either choose to fully sell the property, or let it out and become a landlord. The latter is probably more exciting, but the first option is definitely the easiest. Websites such as can help you with the whole process of becoming and being a landlord, and actually take a lot of the responsibility away from you. If you want to make a lot of money, you’re going to have to be flipping properties every time the last one is done. It is a long process, but the excitement doesn’t die. It’s like decorating your own home over and over again, except you’ll actually be making money from it rather than losing it. It’s wise to enlist the help of an estate agent to get you through the buying and selling process, or even the renting process as well. They can guide you with when would be the best time to resell the property to make the most money. Always remember to only use what money you can, don’t go into debt for something like this as property flipping is always a gamble.


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The Decor


The decor is the fabulous part. It gives you the chance to run absolutely wild, and take risks that you might not usually take with your own home. If you’re going luxury, you need to think big. Let's talk about the kitchen for example. A staple of luxury is marble floor tiles and countertops. It looks so good, it definitely is pricey, but it does last long. There’s black or white marble, white is probably the more elegant of the two. We think the white marble against black or oak cupboards would look amazing. A big glass table in the middle, with perhaps even a open plan kitchen and diner. Built in appliances are a must to keep the kitchen looking neat and luxurious. As for the rest of the house, it is all up to you and what your personal preference of luxury is. Don’t hold back, and always have fun doing it.


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If you’ve had experience of property flipping before, leave a comment and let me know how you found it.


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