Vivacious Vibrancy! Bring Your Home Out Of The Dark Doldrums

March 14, 2018

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Our home can look so drab and miserable after a while. Either we've just not had the opportunity to purchase new accessories, or finances are tight. When you're looking to make your house vibrant, are there some simple things you can implement, or does it have to require a vast makeover? Well, it doesn't always have to, but it helps! Here are some of the best tricks you can use to make any room in your home vibrant.



Accessories, in all of its forms, help to make any room stand out that little bit more. From a gaudy lampshade in the corner of the living room to a piece of artwork in the bathroom, if you're looking to give your home a brand new image that really stands out, it doesn't have to be a difficult task. Just add more accessories, but not too much, as this can contribute to a very cluttered look.


Change The Walls

Adding accents to every wall is going to provide diversity in tone. Be careful when adding too much color, especially when you are decorating your bedroom, because you want the walls to stand out, but you don't want them to clash with everything else in the room. And with a place like the bedroom, it can be counterproductive when you're trying to invoke a sense of calm in individual rooms. So with the bedroom, try and keep it as simple as possible. However, when you're looking at a bigger room, such as when you're renovating your bathroom, you can add additional layers to create something a bit more textured. A room like the bathroom is one of the biggest selling points in any home, so when you're looking to maximize the brightness, creating layers, but adding clever swathes of color will make this room stand out.




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Brighten Up The Kitchen

It's not just the bathroom that is a big talking point, but the kitchen is the room that everyone gravitates towards now. Whether you are selling your house or not, a big kitchen or the impression of a spacious kitchen is essential. Brightening up the kitchen with the best colors, as opposed to browns and darker hues, go for lighter colors, such as yellow, teal, and white, and these will brighten up the space infinitely. Make sure that if you are using contrasting colors, use an appropriate tile backsplash to bring them together.


Add Cushions

An effortless and cheap way to add lots of color is to start adding cushions wherever you can, in combination with rugs splashed about, you can very easily add a lot of colors with minimal effort. Cushions spruce up any item of furniture, but they also create a unique personality, for example, a cosy little nook set up in the corner of a small room.




Image source: Pinterest


It doesn't have to be difficult, but if you're looking to spruce up your home, color is one of the easiest ways and making sure that your home has a sense of vibrancy will bring your home out of the darkened doldrums.




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